Ed Allen was born and raised in Bridgeport,CT and moved to St. Pete in 2010. He had always dreamed of owning a sandwich shop, but was not quiet ready. 

In late 2012 he applied for a job at the soon to be open Bodega and his relationship with his mentor George Sayegh began. He then learned every part of the business and began to work on his own little gem! 

No frills, here. Just award winning grilled cheese!


​Central Melt opened in July 2016 with one goal: to provide gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh ingredients and nothing frozen. That are affordable! 

Our bread is fresh and the fries are hand-cut - soft inside and fried twice for a crispy exterior.

We offer a no frills spot in the heart of Downtown St. Pete serving up sammies from your childhood and creating some new memories with our specialty sandwiches. 

About Us